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The driving is good, the controls are very responsible and don't feel sluggish. The low polygon look to the game is great, the simple style works as a sort of fun little racing game. The small track around the petrol station is good as well, but the world itself feels empty. There were a few lighting glitches inside the tunnel, with several small lines of light flickering on and off and different points. The timer mechanics is good and it works, of course, the problem of someone just moving backwards and forwards across the starting line will lead to someone getting 0:00 on their lap time. Another issue is there is no sound for the game, even music would help for a fast=paced racing game, to get the player's excited about racing. 

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really like the driving, controls seem responsive, the low poly aesthetic really works, my only thought is that it seems very empty outside of the track, nothing to keep me on the map. If the car had sounds that would be even better. i felt as though the ground texture didnt really match the flat solid colours of everything around it. Driving around the track is very satisfying, i found no bugs at all