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The game itself is a cool concept, I like the fact that when you look at the book, it comes up on the screen. I like the look of the files on the desk as it gives character to the player like they are working hard. However, I found the game to be a bit empty as there was nothing to see or do other than look at the book. Adding music will be a good choice too as the atmosphere felt quite plain. Other than that, I believe this is a good start and you should keep working on it.

The office was great, the detail from the pile of books, the spinning fans. The lighting felt a bit off for me though that's a nitpick that shouldn't take away from the design of the office. The light shining from the desktop screen was a very nice touch. Everything else though I feel the office was empty, the mechanic from the book on the table (next to the lamp) held nothing. Maybe that should have held a note of some kind, I don't know, but that does come out as a surprise to me. I missed it the first time I played the prototype, so I think you could have added a timed note on screen, or another object (like a post-it note) to go near the book. Another problem is the audio, there's none. Maybe just a piece of low elevator music to play while the player is moving around the office. Even footsteps would break up the monotony of the prototype. 

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the office room was really nice, the detail was great, i especially like the surreal bright light coming from the windows that make it seem like a dream. im not sure if there was anything i could interact with but i couldnt find where to go next and fell out of the map. i wouldve liked some kind of audio, maybe a background atmospheric track or some footsteps. maybe some things on the wall in the hallway would have made everything feel much more alive.