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The style of the game is really cool, I like the concept of the game. The main menu is pretty cool too. The boats below the player is a nice touch as they make the game more realistic. I would like to see enemies in the game that I can fight as I noticed you are able to shoot but you have nothing to shoot at. I also think music would be a nice touch too.

I think the look of the game is great, the models are fantastic, the fast-moving clouds giving the feel of the player plane's speed. The ship battle below, including the particle effects, were done nicely. Selling the idea to the player that this is a battlefield. The problems I have are easily heard, or lack of, there's is no sound effects. Maybe not from the battle, they could be distant but the plane's propeller and the engine should be paramount for a plane driving game. The settings and the quit button also don't work, it is easily taken care of from an alt + tab but for ease of use, I would recommend adding at least a working quit button. 

i really liked the main menu screen, its really well put together visually. When i got into the game itself the controls felt really nice and smooth and i liked the small battle scene you had below in the water, the smoke effects really sold it that the player was watching over a battle. I wouldve liked to have had audio or seen the propeller moving, also the settings and quit buttons dont work on the menu